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Manhattan Youth After-School Program

Manhattan Youth provides a complete extracurricular program free of charge for middle school students. Activities include: interscholastic sports teams, theater and school plays, STEM activities, music, literacy and arts enrichment, as well as daily homework support.

Please direct any questions you may have to the IS 289 Site Director:

Ivy Abiona


(212) 766-1104 ext. 208 (office)
(646) 306-1205 (during after-school hours)


Interscholastic Sports Teams:
Our boys and girls sports teams proudly represent I.S. 289 in Manhattan's competitive middle school leagues.

Fall Sports: Soccer, Volleyball, Cross-Country, and Flag Football (September - November)
Winter Sports: Basketball and Table Tennis (November - February)
Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee (March - June)


Music, Literacy and Arts enrichment includes:


Guitar and Bass

Rock Band

Digital Music Production

Improvisation and Drama

Musical Theater

Art Portfolio


Jewelry making

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