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Zeynep Ozkan (on-site)


Anne Albright (on-site)

Parent Coordinator

Sarah Clark (on-site)

School Nurse

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Andolyn Brown (on-site)

Assistant Principal

Laura Caccavale (off-site)

Marcus Moultrie (on-site)

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Emily Kustal (on-site)

Guidance Counselor

Bozena Aptekar (off-site)

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Heather Freyman (on-site)

6th Grade Literacy

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Jennifer Brogan Rogers (off-site)

7th Grade Literacy

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Christina DiZebba (on-site)

8th Grade Literacy

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STEM: Math

Chi-Man Ng (on-site)

6th Grade Math

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Yelena Bedichevsky (on-site)

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Johnny Yan (on-site)

8th Grade Math

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STEM: Science

Brian Gordon (on leave, full year)

6th Grade Science

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Jaclyn Maricle (off-site)

8th Grade Science

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HUMANITIES: Social Studies

Carol Shirai (on leave, partial year)

6th Grade Social Studies

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Marc Todd (on-site)

7th Grade Social Studies

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Patrick Hector (on-site)

8th Grade Social Studies

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Art, Language and Physical Education

Jennie Kelly (on leave, partial year)

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James Herlihy (on-site)

Physical Education

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Mary Cherney (off-site)

Woodwinds, General Music

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Jennifer Axelson (off-site)

Strings, consulting

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Keith Carroll (off-site, visiting teacher)

General Music

Academic Support

Gianna Caramanica (off-site)

Learning Specialist (6th STEM)

Ray Salinas (on-site)

Learning Specialist (6 Humanities)

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Keisha Adams (off-site)

Learning Specialist (7 & 8 Humanities)

Lindsay Kelly (off-site)

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Lori Coopersmith (off-site)

Learning Specialist (7 & 8 STEM)

Barbara Kariya (off-site)

Technology, Digital Art

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