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The curriculum at IS289 is project based and designed to meet the academic, developmental, social and emotional needs of all learners. We aim to challenge students through our relevant, real-life based, units of work rather than traditional test taking. Projects are designed to be collaborative and inquiry based where students take an active part in their own learning while being supported by our skilled and caring teachers.

At IS289 we see the whole student and we work hard to form confident, self-motivated, collaborative learners with strong critical thinking skills. Skills which we believe are essential for future success in high school, college and throughout life.

Project based learning takes place throughout all areas of the school curriculum but a highlight of each year is our inter-disciplinary project which take place in the spring term in each grade. The students are highly motivated by these collaborative projects which span the school curriculum, involve all students and culminate in an impressive end presentation.


In the past, inter-disciplinary projects have included the Tiny House project, the Original Opera Project and the Environmental Action project.


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Or, follow these links to see an overview of the curriculum by grade:

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