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Periodic updates regarding presentations, honors, awards and accolades for our students, teachers and the school.  


Posted November 12, 2019


Articles 6th grade math teacher, Chi-Man Ng sent to 6th grade families.  Too good not to share!

A great article that ends with question prompts to help your child if he/she comes home and says, "I don't get it."

I love how this article ends: "Teach them that not knowing is not failure. It’s the first step to understanding." 


Posted November 7, 2019


Find some great resources compiled for families by 7th grade Social Studies teacher, Marc Todd.  Great for every family HERE!

Other articles recommended by our teachers include the following:

Why Students Should Take the Lead in Parent-Teacher Conferences, Mindshift

Carol Dweck Revisits the 'Growth Mindset', Education Week

Help for Executive Functions, Child Mind Institute

How Collaboration Unlocks Learning and Lessens Student Isolation, Mindshift

Posted June 3, 2019

7th Grade Opera:  Congratulations to the 7th Grade Opera for a spectacular performance.  Here is the link to the Tribeca Trib article about the performance.  


Manhattan Borough Arts Festival:  Congratulations on the acceptance of Violet Rice-Yaffe’s (602) artwork, Tree Frog, in the 5th annual Manhattan Borough Arts Festival, Visual Arts Exhibit!  Her piece was submitted for consideration by our Visual Arts teacher, Karen Leo.  This year’s exhibition is taking place at MoMA Cullman Education and Research Building.  What an honor to present the work of this talented young artist in such a thrilling institution whose mission promotes important modern and contemporary artists from around the world. There is a celebration of her hard work on June 3rd from 6 – 8 PM with an opening night reception for school communities, families and students!


National Endowment for the Humanities, Summer ScholarMari Mannino, the 7th grade Science teacher, has been selected for a national award as a NEH Summer Scholar from a competitive applicant pool.  She will attend a three-week summer institute in Montana.  The institute, Re-Enchanting Nature: Humanities Perspectives, will draw upon religious, literary, historical, philosophical, and cultural perspectives to explore and evaluate how we think about the natural world. 


3rd Annual Decolonizing Education ConferenceDr. Andolyn Brown, Keisha Adams, and Patrick Hector were selected to present at the 3rd annual Decolonizing Education Conference this year with the following students as co-presenters:  Mehki Agbai, Miller Anderson, Logan Bell, Henry Cary Williams, Sean Donnelly, Andre Evdokimow, Emily Friedman, Zaylen Herrera, Brianna Limage, Lara Moninger, Lucy Rudzena, Casey Seifer, Sophia Wilks.  


The Conference, sponsored by NYU's Center for Strategic Solutions, the NYCDOE's Office of Equity and Access, will be a two-day event held June 7th-8th, 2019 and registration is free. The conference is designed for & by teacher-activists who are seeking to disrupt and dismantle institutional racism and systems of oppression in schools. 


Their session is titled: You Can’t Tell Me Who I Am: Naming and Claiming our Identity.  This session offers students the opportunity to build an understanding of identity development and the ways in which race impacts identity development as a starting point for understanding the Great Migration as an historical moment in which Black people redefined their identities as Americans. Through engaging in discussion, multimedia research stations, and shared reflections students will make sense of American history while also exploring the ways in which groups and individuals develop their own identities. In guided observations and reflections on student learning, adult participants will learn culturally relevant teaching practices through exploring the pedagogical beliefs, curricular choices, and pedagogical structures utilized in the development of student learning activities.

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