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6th Grade

IS289 middle school offers an inclusive curriculum for all. In the 6th grade students are given a firm grounding in the following subjects:

Humanities, Math and Science, Music, Art, Physical Education

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Sixth Grade Humanities 2020-2021

Heather Freyman -- or

Ray Salinas, Learning Specialist - or

(212) 571-9268


Sixth grade brings great changes to our lives, both in and out of school.  In humanities class, we help students become agents of change in their own lives as they increase their awareness of the world around them, and of their place in the world.  

Essential Questions for the year:

  • What is my identity? 

  • How does my identity help me understand the world around me?

  • How does learning about the past help me understand the world around me?



In their reading work, students learn to make inferences and think critically about different kinds of texts.  We engage them in writing that will help them articulate sophisticated opinions and reflect back on their experiences in life.  As historians, we teach students to use habits of mind to understand people and places of the past and across the world.


Course expectations:

  • Submit all work on time

  • Complete all parts of assignments thoroughly and completely

  • Let the teachers know if there is challenge with the homework before coming to class

  • Attend all meetings: attendance is taken every time

  • Follow the IS 289 participation norms:

  1. Respond to the teachers and peers when spoken to

  2. Contribute in the chat in connection to the topic discussed

  3. Be prepared to turn on camera and microphone when asked

  4. Participate in breakout rooms by talking and having camera on as needed

  • Daily independent reading:  In order to become highly proficient readers, the research says that students should read books at their independent level at a high volume.  This means at least 30-40 pages total per day, on average. We encourage students to read in a variety of genres across the year.   Students reading below grade level will be working to increase stamina and volume to help them move up levels quickly.


Ways To Support Your Child In Humanities Class

  • Help your child establish a productive homework routine.

  • Regularly ask your child to take you on a tour of his/her Readers’ or Writers’ notebook.  What strategies has he/she been learning and practicing?

  • Read aloud to your child – middle schoolers are not too old to be read aloud to.  It reinforces fluency and the sound of text and is a wonderful opportunity to share reading experiences.

  • Have a family book club.  Pick a book to read together and discuss.

  • Find opportunities to use writing in authentic ways – encourage your child to write birthday and holiday cards and thank you notes; suggest that your child write stories, poems, etc. as gifts for relatives and friends. 

  • Set aside time at home when everyone is reading or writing

6th Grade Trip
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